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Clarence Campeau

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Tracey Toulouse


Cheekbone Beauty

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Summary of Sessions


Entrepreneurship Discussion Panel

The hosts of The Four, Wendy Whitebear, Bevann Fox, Melissa Obey and Samantha Racette, come together to share and discuss their real life experiences as successful business women.

Picking you Business Model

This session will help women understand what a business model is and what kind of business model will work best for their business.

Social Media for Entrepreneurs

Social media skills are key in today’s society. A strong social media presence can make or break a new business. This session will discuss the importance of social media for new entrepreneurs, and how they can use these free platforms to promote their businesses.

Nuts and Bolts of Business Planning

A business plan is essential for obtaining funding and partners to grow your business. This session will give women the basics of creating a business plan.

Know your Numbers

In order to grow your business you need to have a complete grasp of your company’s financial situation. This session will walk women through the importance of being financially aware in you business.

Craft your Pitch

This session will walk women through the process of creating a successful business pitch. This will help women apply for business loans and pitch their business to potential investors.

Funding Agencies for Aboriginal Businesses

In Canada there ae many funding options available for Aboriginal businesses. This session will give women information to help them apply for funding.

Product and Service Based Business Tips

The approach that an entrepreneur must have depending on if they are offering a product or a service can differ. These two topic specific sessions will offer women advice on how to approach each situation so that they can best create a customer base.

Women Entrepreneurship Success Panel

This panel will discuss real world entrepreneurial success stories. Attendees will be able to learn some important success tips from this panel.


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